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A new blog created to help your small business succeed on the web

01 : 01 : 2014

Alongside our new responsive website, we’ve launched a new blog. This is now my second web development blog. The first one—like most other web developers blogs—was aimed at sharing my knowledge with other web developers. To be fair, I don’t see the necessity in this anymore, a quick Google search will return a large number of tutorials or debates regarding each and every skill a web developer is required to have today.

To be honest, us web developers write these blogs to show off our new skills. Our hourly rate should in theory increase proportionally with our skill level, so it makes sense to show how keen we are to learn new skills, share these skills with our community, and hope it will be picked up by potential employers too.

We’ve decided to take a different approach with this blog, and instead share some of the skills we have learned over the last decade or so while setting up or managing websites for small businesses. Skills such as localised search engine optimisation, including keywords in headers, page titles and URL’s. Knowing how to successfully manage an email marketing campaign is also an essential skill for every small business owner.

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are proving to be an excellent way to gain free exposure online for your business. Do you know there is an optimum time of day to write a post or share an article? Do you know how Facebook’s EdgeRank works, and that it will punish you if you share too many posts in a single day?

To us, this is basic knowledge, it is our jobs to know these things. But it is easy for us to forget that most people aren’t aware of these facts. This blog is all about sharing this knowledge with you. We’ll be posting approximately three times a week, depending on how busy we are. So please, come on over, head to the blog and have a look at our latest posts. We look forward to helping you on the road to success.

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