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Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive web design is similar to responsive web design in many ways. The main difference is whereas a responsive web design adapts to the current browser width, an adaptive web design first detects the device and calls in one of a number of possible code solutions from the web server, depending on the viewing device.

The main benefit of adaptive web design is that the code pushed out to the browser is optimised for the device that is receiving it, producing a noticeable reduction in bandwidth for high traffic websites. The downside is that there is more code to maintain when updates are required. Adaptive web design is similar to a having a separate mobile website, but resides at the same URL.

Unless you experience a very high volume of traffic, we would always recommend responsive website. If on the other hand you do receive a lot of traffic, especially at specific times, it would easily be worth the extra time and effort to produce an adaptive website.

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