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Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is the art of designing and developing a website which adapts to the viewing environment. In the early days of web design, experienced designers crossed over from designing for a fixed canvas to designing for the screen. Although the principals of design were the same, the browser is a completely different canvas, and these designers brought habits that lead to a decade of fixed-width websites.

Back then website owners had to pay for a separate mobile website if they wanted to serve optimised content to their users on tablets and mobile devices. Armed with much more powerful CSS and media queries, responsive web design enables us to design and develop websites with elements that change position depending on the current width of the web browser, effectively eliminating the need for pinch to zoom to view content properly on smaller screens.

A number of high profile websites are now reporting more page views from tablets and mobile devices than they are from desktop computers. This is due to the huge growth in handheld devices people are now using to view web content. Responsive web design provides instantly accessible and usable web content for the vast majority of your users, irrelevant of their device.

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