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Web development comes in many forms. A basic website may only require HTML5, CSS3 and the JavaScript library jQuery to provide suitable functionality for your target audience. Once considered a severe hindrance, JavaScript is now one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This language enables users to dynamically interact with the web browser, and web developers to create amazing applications that run smoothly on most desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, regardless of operating system or hardware.

A content management system enables end users with little or no programming experience to publish, edit and modify the content of their web pages quickly and easily. From custom WordPress themes right up to custom built content management systems, we’ve made it our business to be able to match a content management system with your business requirements.

There are two main types of software applications for use on the web; web applications and native applications. Web applications run in the web browser, and can be accessed by most desktop computers and handheld devices. Native applications only run on the operating system they are developed for.

There are some benefits to a native application. For a start, a native application has full access to more of a devices hardware such as the camera and the accelerometer on the Apple iPhone. In our opinion, there are so many more benefits to a responsive web application, the biggest being the cost. Web applications are built with the same technologies used to make websites. Technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, they run in the web browser, and can be accessed by most desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Whatever your web development needs, talk to us now to find out how we can solve your problems for less.


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