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Application Development

There are two main types of software application; web applications and native applications. Web applications run in the web browser, and can be accessed by most desktop computers and handheld devices. Native applications only run on the operating system they are developed for. OSX and iOS applications are developed in Objective-C for Apple’s desktop and handheld operating systems. Android applications are developed in Java for the Android operating system. Windows OS and Windows Phone OS are developed in C for the Windows operating system.

There are some benefits to a native application. For a start, a native application has full access to more of a devices hardware such as the camera and the accelerometer on the Apple iPhone. The downsides are clear though. As each native application is built in a different programming language, you may need to source a number of different teams to build your project, which could lead to fragmented styles. If you are lucky enough to find a team who can build all of your apps together, you could be left with a bill in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In our opinion, there are so many more benefits to a responsive web application, the biggest being the cost. Web applications are built with the same technologies used to make websites. Technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, they run in the web browser, and can be accessed by most desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. A web application also has the benefits of not being a closed environment like a native application, this means that the content of your pages can be indexed by search engines. Lastly, we can push out updates to a web application instantly, without having to wait for app store approval.

We have the skills to build both native and web applications, but I think we’ve made it obvious which makes more sense financially, if you have the option. The Financial Times recently ditched their native app and chose a web app instead.

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