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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is in the process of revolutionising traditional marketing. Non marketing professionals are finding it much easier to gain exposure and generate substantial business leads that wouldn’t have been possible only five years ago. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all excellent free resources to help your business on the road to success.

Understanding the basics principles of Facebook’s EdgeRank, such as how it ranks your posts, and how to ensure more of your page fans get to see all of your posts, will give you even more of an advantage over your competition. Regular engagement on Twitter, and the websites real-time search feature are also a hugely important tools everyone should understand thoroughly. More importantly, once you are armed with this knowledge, your marketing campaign will cost nothing other than your time.

We’ve been providing training to individuals and businesses for over two years, and managing social media profiles for twice as long as that. Talk to us today to see how we can get your social media campaigns up and running for less.


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